Judas Watch

Documenting anti-White traitors, subversives, and highlighting Jewish influence.

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Connection to Open Society Foundations' NGO 'Fonds DOTS' in Latvia. "*Full disclosure: I ran an NGO in Latvia that received grants from the Soros network in the 1990s, worked part-time as a programme…Read more

The AfD has, according to the new anti-Semitism representative of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, contributed to the fact that the anti-Semitism in Germany is again more present. "Anti-Semitism…Read more

In Malta, Bonnier owns Evoke Gaming Ltd. This was divested in late 2017.Read more

In 1986, the English translation of Sichrovsky's book, Strangers in their own land: young Jews in Germany and Austria today, a collection of interviews with the children of Jewish holocaust victims…Read more

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