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Showed "outlandish support for the right of a Muslim woman to wear the Islamic niqab at her Canadian citizenship swearing in ceremony" which lead to his party significantly dropping in the polls.Read more

At a "community conversation about race" hosted by the St. Paul NAACP, he said the following regarding the settling of Muslim refugees in Minnesota: "Look around you. This is Minnesota. Minnesota is…Read more

Steven A. Cohen (no relation) will be paying $1.2 billion in fines as a result of insider trading at his firm, SAC Capital Advisors. Cohen isn’t simply an executive of SAC; he owns all of it. Cohen is…Read more

Ratner, too, is an author. Ready, Set, Talk! A Guide to Getting Your Message Heard by Millions on Talk Radio, Talk Television, and Talk Internet, co-written with Kathie Scarrah, was released earlier…Read more

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