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Documenting anti-White traitors, subversives, and highlighting Jewish influence.

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The operator, Sonja Abrahamsson, during her stint on @Sweden has caused a stir with some references she made about Jews. She offered a crude comment about how to identify Jewish men and said it was…Read more

In a recent interview with The Trend, Nowotny not only doubled-down on his criticism of Bitcoin, but suggested that the European Central Bank has been discussing ‘legal constraints’ involving Bitcoin.…Read more

In the United States and abroad, Mr. Mariaschin has met with countless heads of state, prime ministers, foreign ministers, opposition leaders, influential members of the media and clerical leaders.…Read more

Singer is a supporter of gay marriage. 'I believe a generation from now, gay marriage will be seen as a profoundly traditionalizing act. It will have channeled love into the most powerful social…Read more

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