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Documenting anti-White traitors, agitators and subversives & highlighting Jewish influence.

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The South African government, dominated by the communist-backed African National Congress (ANC), has responded to the surging wave of racist white murders by denying the phenomenon, implausibly…Read more

Sponsored an Illinois Senate bill, which states: "neo-Nazism and white nationalism continue to pose dangerous threats to cohesion and society overall". Don Harmon said: "It is vital that we stand in…Read more

Congress must act to address gun violence, even as lawmakers protect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, Alabama Sen. Doug Jones said Wednesday in his maiden speech to the Senate. Jones, a…Read more

Flahaut proposed teach Arabic to Europeans. Quote from the article: "After having provoked controversy by proposing to promote the teaching of the Arabic language, André Flahaut came to explain on the…Read more

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