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Adam Michnik

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Adam Michnik (born 17 October 1946) is a Jewish Polish historian, essayist, former dissident, public intellectual, and the editor-in-chief of Poland's largest newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Brought up in a family of committed communists, Michnik became an opponent of the communist regime at the time of the anti-Jewish purges in the party.

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  • In his newspaper he used his personal influence to protect communist officers General Wojciech Jaruzelski and General Czesław Kiszczak from being prosecuted for various crimes committed by Jaruzelski and Kiszczak during their time running the socialist People's Republic of Poland (PRL). He has taken various positions of support for the former Communist secret police officers, against the Catholic Church and against various post-Communist opposition parties. He has remained a supporter of the left-center Platforma Obywatelska.



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