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African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE)

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ADYNE is a platform of organizations led and driven by young Africans and fellow youth with African backgrounds living in Europe. With the main aim of serving interests of young people all over Europe, ADYNE promotes active youth participation in various policy and social fields through trainings and constructive dialogues between African and European societies.




  • MEDIA & INCLUSION: ADYNE SEMINAR FOR YOUTH LEADERS OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA LIVING IN EUROPE The main focus for this seminar was its content, which we wanted to present to the participants. Previously, we had few proposals discussing ways to present the African Diaspora to the European society in a method, which is beyond the migrant, refugees or the deprived people tag, which they carried for decades; all without having to go into the reasons behind migration, fighting the general divisive mainstream media discourse of ‘us vs. them” and the “good vs. bad migrant.”


  • Who we are: Young Africans living in Europe and active members of different organizations dedicated: to Enhance youth participation Reinforce to the development of ADYNE's platform, to impact policy makers and youth policies, to help shape the life of young people with african background living in Europe.



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