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Aktion Courage e.V.

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The purpose of the club is the promotion of collaboration understanding between members of different nations in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Europe (international understanding), the removal of the root causes of flight, the overcoming of intolerance and hate and the solving of social conflicts through peace policy education (aktioncourage.org/wir-ueber-uns/die-satzung)

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  • Aktion Courage e.V. is behind the project "Schule ohne Rassismus - Schule mit Courage" (School without racism - school with courage). This project is a network which schools can join if their students agree to fight racism in their school. The project also offers schools and teachers material on a number of subjects, ranging from democracy to Islam.


  • Aktion Courage e.V. is one of the signatories of the "Respect for core values in the election campaign" statement of the Netz gegen Rassismus (Network against racism) network. The signatories agreed to condemn "racism and right-wing extremism" as they "are a danger to the free development of one's personality and societal cohesion." The signatories also support equal rights for everyone, and "demand formative politics which constructivly deal with the challenges of immigration and encourage cohesion in a diverse society."




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