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Alan Yentob

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Alan Yentob (born 11 March 1947) is a British television executive and presenter. He has spent his entire career at the BBC from where he stepped down as Creative Director in December 2015 and served as chairman of the board of trustees for Kids Company from 2003 until the collapse of the charity in 2015.

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  • Yentob's role as chairman of the board of trustees for Kids Company has come under close scrutiny since the collapse of the charity in early August 2015. He has been accused of multiple shortcomings in oversight and financial management, and of failing to ensure that he avoided a conflict of interest with his position at the BBC.


  • Yentob has acknowledged signing an email from Kids Company to the government which sought millions in further funding by suggesting certain communities in London might "descend into savagery" if Kids Company ceased its operations.


  • Alan Yentob faced a grilling today by MPs seeking to establish how high profile charity the Kids Company could fold, despite receiving £25 million in government funding. The charity's former chairman of trustees, Yentob, said that the charity's closure had resulted in suicides and stabbings, claims denied by committee chairman Bernard Jenkin, who said that the incidents occurred "because kids no longer had money to pay their drug pushers."




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