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Alexander Stuart Gollan

Alexander Stuart Gollan (Alex Stuart) is an anti-racist activist an convicted child sex offender. Gollan was Vice Principal of Homebush Girls High where he groomed children. After changing his name to Alex Stuart he tried to gain access to children through Tennis Australia as a coach.




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  • A man sentenced to jail for grooming a nine-year-old girl has been using a fake name to run children’s tennis tournaments in Sydney’s south. Alex Gollan, a former assistant principal at Homebush Public School, called his young student “cutie”, “beautiful” and “Ms naked” while chatting to her on Facebook. The former teacher asked her to meet at a swimming pool and even sent her images of naked children. Gollan was sentenced to a year’s jail after pleading guilty to child grooming and possessing child porn, but was granted bail pending an appeal.


  • Gollan was better known as the former editor of the Anti Bogan website which specialized in stigmatizing foolish-spoken young Australians who may have used social media to say things of a frothy nature against people of other races. Gollan would then ‘out’ them, such that rabid ‘anti racists’ could harass them at home and at their employment. Gollan also peddled lies and smears against a number of people in the nationalist movement. Gollan removed himself as editor of the site about two years ago, but it still exists per his model of stalker conduct.



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