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Alexis Tsipras

Alexis Tsipras (born 28 July 1974) is a Greek politician serving as Prime Minister of Greece since 2015. A socialist, Tsipras has been leader of the Greek political party Syriza since 2009. Tsipras is the fourth prime minister who has governed in the course of the 2010s Greek government-debt crisis. Originally an outspoken critic of the austerity policies implemented during the crisis, his tenure in office has been marked by an intense austerity policy [...]




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  • Quote: "Let me remind you again that in the 1990s, despite the bleak forecasts from the demographers, the country increased its population by about seven hundred thousand citizens, but 97% of this was the result of immigrants and only 3% came from the birth rates over the deaths of that time...We will therefore continue to work for an inclusive society, for a country that must be a model of coexistence and solidarity, for a country that has to embrace the richness of traditions and the different origins; in other words for the Greece of the open horizons, as such were at the greatest moments of its history."



  • Quote: “I deeply believe that the religions, the faith to different religions –monotheist religions that are centered to humans and teach the love between humans regardless of their faith- and also the minorities, the Muslim minority in Greece and the Greek minority in Turkey, do not constitute fields of dispute but bridges of friendship among our peoples”.



  • Quote: “In the down [sic] of a new era, SYRIZA will become the barrier against the far-right horror and the social cannibalism. This far-right horror justifies the pogroms against the refugees and the immigrants and teaches the hate against everything unfamiliar or different. So, we have to make our ideas a shield towards the growing far-right movement throughout Europe.”



  • Quote: “Mao thought that his actions were a step towards a socialist society. And he believed that the End sanctifies the means. But, his purpose, his intentions were good...we cannot compare Hitler to Mao! The Communist regimes may have had this enormous shortage of freedom, but at least they had man at the center of their thinking”.



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