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Allianz Deutscher Demokraten

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Allianz Deutscher Demokraten (Alliance of German Democrats) is a political party in Germany for Germans of Turkish heritage. The founder Remzi Aru is a supporter of Turkish president Erdogan.




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  • Their party programme states that "[... no] one should be forced to activities that contradict their fundamental religious beliefs." which could be used to give work place exceptions to Muslims and other non-Christians.


  • ADD are eager to grow their membership through immigrants from conservative Muslim countries.


  • From their party programme: "The ADD is committed to ensuring that after ten years of residence every foreigner gets the right to vote in state and federal level."


  • Their party programme states: "The ADD is for a full membership of Turkey in the EU - should the Turkish people want that. Germany should not recklessly put her mediating role in relation to Turkey in jeopardy."


  • Halil Ertem of ADD Bavaria stated: "Stick in the mud fundamentalist secularism has no place in our schools" in response to an incident where a Muslim pupil in a German school was allegedly forced to eat during Ramadan. He went on to say that "it's a shocking sign of the decline of public education if teachers don't have a basic knowledge about the world's religions and their customs".



Remzi Aru (Politics)

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