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Amadeu Antonio Foundation

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The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, established in 1998, is a German foundation combating far-right extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. It supports other foundations and organisations in this regard by "encouraging, consulting [and] funding" them.




  • Together with the newspaper "Die Zeit" it created "Netz gegen Nazis", which investigates and provides information on far-right activities.



  • Their website "netz-gegen-nazis.de" published a "flyer against Nazis" in which they explain how to spot Nazis on Facebook. The tips include: "'Liking' right-wing bands, parties, organizations, events, internet campaigns, e.g. against child abuse, against the Euro or against multi-culturalism."


  • The pharmacy magazine Baby&Familie featured a report which should help day care centers to identify right wingers. Three "experts" from the Amadeu Antonio Foundation were involved in creating the article. The article states that identifying characteristics of right wing families are "inconspicuous, blonde, nice, dedicated". The article also shows illustrations of blonde women and girls. It states that characteristics of "right wing" kids are "obedient, calm with braids and skirts".



  • The Amadeu Antonio Foundation created the Network for Studying and Combating anti-Semitism (NEBA). The initiators of the project include: Deidre Berger (American Jewish Committee Berlin), Prof Dr Micha Brumlik (Moses Mendelssohn Center Potsdam) Anetta Kahane (Amadeu Antonio Foundation), Stephan J. Kramer (American Jewish Committee, Berlin, Brussels), Prof. Dr. Julius H. Schoeps (Moses Mendelssohn Center Potsdam).


  • Quote from their website: "From New York to Hamburg, OSF and Dreilinden are major supporters of the Foundation's gender research. Without them, the crucial knowledge gained by exploring the role women play in the neo-Nazi subculture could not be carried out."


  • The Amadeu Antonio Foundation reports on incidents motivated by right wing extremism. It maintains a map at www.mut-gegen-rechte-gewalt.de which documents "anti-migrant incidents" perpetrated by right wing offenders. However, this statistic doesn't pass the test when reviewed for the city of Bielefeld. Fact checking of the listed incidents reveals that the error rate is around 80, maybe even around 100 percent.


  • The Foundation, together with the Sebastian Cobler Foundation and the Freudenberg Foundation, created the Saxon Award for Democracy (Sächsischer Förderpreis für Demokratie). The award is given to projects and organisations that oppose far-right extremism in Saxony. Award winners include the football club Red Star Leipzig (Roter Stern Leipzig), a left-wing club in the Connewitz district of Leipzig, and Open Your Eyes Oberlausitz (Augen auf e.V. Oberlausitz), a registered association which opposes racism and nationalism.



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American Jewish Committee (AJC) (Business)

Netzwerks zur Erforschung und Bekämpfung des Antisemitismus (NEBA) (Business)

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Christian Berkel (Politics)

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Bundesministerium Für Familie Senioren Frauen Und Jugend (Business)

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