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Ana Blume

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Journalist and writer for playgroundmag.net




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Author's Page at playgroundmag.net https://www.playgroundmag.net…


  • Quote: "What the white man feels for the black man is the same as that teenager who messes with another classmate because he knows he is better [...] What I am trying to say is that blacks are a superior race, and to prove it, I do not need to talk to you about unusual penises or sexual potency, I'm going to tell you about fear. The ancestral fear that the slender vanilla man has felt towards the beefy chocolate man has nothing to do with ignorance or distrust, it is because in that evident difference in his anatomy he perceives his superiority and his high probabilities of losing. To show a practical exercise. If an uncle comes and points at you with a gun forcing you to bet all your savings in a life-and-death fight, who would you bet on? [GIF of a black man hitting a white]"




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