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Andreas Hieronymus

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Andreas Hieronymus is a Senior Program Officer at Open Society Foundations. He has previously worked as the managing director of iMiR - Institut für Migrations- und Rassismusforschung (Institute for migration- and racism studies) and in the equality body in the Justice Ministry of Hamburg. Hieronymus has also been a Member of ENAR Board (European Network Against Racism) (de.linkedin.com/in/andreashieronymus/de)

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  • Andreas Hieronymus, in an interview with qantara.de, gave his opinon on racism: "Racism for us is not a question of moral attitude, but a structural principle of colonial or postcolonial societies. It is about the creation of nation-states, the construction of nationalistic identities and mechanism of exclusion and inclusion, through which these nation-states were created in an imperial context.".




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