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Andrew Barr

Andrew James Barr (born 29 April 1973) is an Australian politician and Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory. Barr has been honoured by the LGBTI community as the first openly LGBTI head of government in Australia from 2014, and was the first openly LGBTI member as well as government cabinet minister in the ACT Legislative Assembly from 2006.

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  • To celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage, Andrew Barr had a roundabout in Canberra painted in rainbow colors.


  • As the ACT Chief Minister, Barr, a strong supporter of same-sex marriage, made an emotional plea to fellow assembly members to support the use of significant government resources for promotional campaigns on public buses and flagpoles in Canberra for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. He also said the government was considering "creating rainbow roundabouts and commissioning rainbow-themed murals".


  • Expressed support for gay law reform, the reproductive rights of women, multiculturalism and refugees.



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