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Andrew Stroehlein

Andrew Stroehlein is an Jewish American/Belgian/British journalist, communications professional, and human-rights activist who currently serves as European Media Director of Human Rights Watch. Based in Brussels, he is responsible for the organization's media activity in Europe, Central Asia, and West Africa. He previously spent nine years as Director of Communications for the International Crisis Group.

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  • When The Economist announced that they will feature former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon as speaker at their upcoming event Open Future Festival, Stroehlein reacted on Twitter, quote: "Has anyone at @TheEconomist explained why they are promoting white nationalism at their #OpenFuture event?"



  • Quote from the article: 'Syrian refugee has been shot and wounded by guards on the border between Slovakia and Hungary. [...] Border guards shot at the car, reportedly in an attempt to deflate its tyres, but instead ended up hitting the young woman. “It is outrageous that Slovak authorities are shooting at innocent people fleeing war,” said Andrew Stroehlein, Europe media director for Human Rights Watch. “Officials said the car was driving dangerously and endangering their officers but there have to be ways of giving chase to a car without resorting to shooting at it.”'




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