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Anne Hidalgo

Ana María "Anne" Hidalgo (n 19 June 1959) is a Spanish-French politician serving as Mayor of Paris since the 2014 municipal election. She is the first woman to hold the office. A member of the Socialist Party since 1994, she was the First Deputy Mayor of Paris under Bertrand Delanoë (2001–2014), holding the title of Paris City Councillor from the 15th arrondissement since 9 March 2001.



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  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced plans to build a 'humanitarian camp' next to one of the busiest train stations in the city, so that thousands of illegal migrants bound for Britain can 'live with dignity.' Hidalgo, who has often sparred with French President François Hollande for his refusal to accept more migrants, says her plan to help illegal migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is a 'duty of humanism.'



  • Jews and Muslims are part of the fabric of French society, despite recent terror attacks in Paris that shined a light on long-running discrimination and attacks aimed at both groups, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said Thursday. 'Without Jews Paris would not be the city that it is,' Hidalgo said in an interview with USA TODAY. French society must provide more education and job opportunities to its Muslim immigrant community, but 'we can't ask them to integrate into French society because they are (already) French'.



  • Hidalgo is a supporter of gay pride parades. She tweeted her support for the Paris pride parade after rainbow pedestrian crossings had been vandalised.



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