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Antirasistisk Senter

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The Norwegian Centre against Racism is a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to fight racism and discrimination. Our vision is a culturally diverse and socially just society. [...] The management administers the Centre, does awareness raising work, documents and informs about racism, produces information material for the authorities, schools and others.




  • Jobb X is a free of charge job application course for multi cultural youth between 16 and 26 years. Jobb X teaches youth to find available jobs, write good job applications and CVs and trains them in the job interview situation.


  • The Counseling Office offers counseling in cases where individuals have suffered ethnic and racist discrimination.


  • The Norwegian Centre against Racism works to: document and prevent racism, raise awareness about racism, mobilize the minority population.


  • Agenda X is an activity center for multi-cultural youth in Norway. Our aim is to give young people control over their own lives. All our activities are planned by the youth themselves. Agenda X arranges writing workshops, offers sound technician courses, arranges an annual summer camp with workshops, offers dance classes, has projects for youth who have dropped out of school and much more.



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