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Antony Loewenstein

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Antony Loewenstein is a Middle East based, Australian independent freelance journalist, author, documentarian and blogger. He has written for the The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, New Statesman, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, Salon, The Daily Star, Le Monde Diplomatique English, Foreign Policy, The National, The Independent, Electronic Intifada, Al Akhbar English, Dawn, Haaretz, The Nation, New Internationalist, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian. He is a Guardian columnist



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  • “It’s comforting to think of Australia as a global pariah on the world stage, pursuing racist policies against asylum seekers from war-torn nations,”



  • Said the following "The EU hosts few of the world’s refugees, the UNHCR has found that 86% of the world’s total reside in developing nations, so rhetoric about a supposed migrant “invasion” is false. Australia argues similarly, though its intake could be far higher, too." and "Europe is learning, as Australia surely will, that constructing a fortress around their privileged nations while politicising human tragedies is a road to further unrest."



  • Mourns the reintroduction of border controls in the midst of the migrant crisis "Consider the facts in Europe: after Sweden and Denmark reintroduced border controls, a borderless continent is now in serious jeopardy"



  • He stated: "The desire to shut the door to Europe entirely is perhaps understandable, but it’s the wrong decision" and "The result is many more deaths at sea; because of their brown and black skin, governments don’t fear a public outcry to save them" in an attempt to guilt-trip Europeans to open their borders.




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