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Arie Scher

Arie Scher is a former Israeli vice-consul and was based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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  • Police are searching for Israel's vice-consul to this city after finding pornographic photographs of minors in his home on Tuesday, officials said. Police searched Arie Scher's penthouse, in Rio's upscale Ipanema district, after pictures of minors posing nude on top of his car and in his flat turned up in the possession of another man charged with the sexual exploitation of minors, according to police officer Icaro Silva. [...] The original photos were discovered in the flat of 40-year-old Hebrew professor Georges Schteinberg, who was arrested after an 17-year-old girl accused him of using her as a pornographic model.


  • Police in Rio de Janeiro say an Israeli diplomat suspected of belonging to an international child pornography ring has fled Brazil and returned to Israel. The Israeli diplomatic mission confirmed that its vice-consul, Arie Scher, had flown home at the request of the Israeli government, which it said had ordered an investigation into the allegations.


  • A few years ago, Israeli consul general, Aryeh Scher, was found to be part of a pedophile ring operated by an Israeli expatriate, George Schteinberg. The latter was arrested. But the Israeli managed to spirit himself out of the country in order to avoid a serious embarrassment to Israel. The foreign ministry permitted him to return to diplomatic service, shipping him off to Australia, where presumably he’d move to molesting Australian children. Australians weren’t too keen on the idea and raised a stink, causing Scher to withdraw from consideration.



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