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Aron Verstandig

Aron Verstandig is Chairman of the Jewish Assembly in Stockholm (Judiska Församlingen i Stockholm) and President of the Jewish Community of Stockholm and Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities. (twitter.com, linkedin.com)



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Jewish Assembly in Stockholm http://jfst.se

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  • Jewish Community in Stockholm President Aron Verstandig said neo-Nazi activity in Sweden has been on the rise “for some time,” and described NRM as “an openly violent” party which should be outlawed. “I see it as extremely troubling that we have a rising neo-Nazi movement in Sweden, and the politicians should do whatever they can to ban these organizations,” said Verstandig. “The government hasn’t done enough to limit this group and legislation needs to be passed” to proscribe the party, he said. Verstandig said the Jewish community had felt “very intimidated” by Saturday’s march, even though the demonstration was not directed specifically against Jews.


  • “We have a vibrant community in Stockholm but even here we face multiple threats, from Muslim extremism to far-right violence,” said Aron Verstandig, president of the Council of Swedish Jewish Communities -- an umbrella group with approximately 6,000 members out of Sweden’s estimated 20,000 Jews. None of these challenges are unique to Swedish Jewry: Several Jewish communities in Eastern Europe suffer neo-Nazi intimidation, and many Jews in the continent’s west have experienced violence at the hands of radical Muslims.


  • Aron Verstandig, chairman of The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, said Monday that the incident [Nordic Resistance Movement marching in Gotheburg] represented a larger trend of the rise of the far right, citing recent demonstrations across Sweden. On Thursday, Verstandig spoke with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven about the march. Lofven denounced the rise of neo-Nazi groups and said the government needed take action to combat such organizations.


  • Quote from his LinkedIn profile: "Since 2008 I have lectured on a large number of courses at the Department of Law at Stockholm University. I have lectured mostly on Commercial Law, espcially Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law. I currently teach Tort Law and Financial Market Law to students in the Swedish Law Programme as well as the internation Master Programme on European Law. I have also supervised students writing their master theses in the fields of Torts Law and Financial Markets Law."


  • The World Jewish Congress lists Judiska Centralrådet as affiliate and Aron Verstandig as its president.



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