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Mozaīka was founded in 2006 and is currently the only LGBT organization in Latvia. Mozaīka is working for the protection of LGBT rights and human rights in Latvia, provides legal aid and consultations. Mozaīka is active in interest protection promoting positive changes in reducing discrimination against LGBT. Mozaīka is Associate partner of Amnesty International in Latvia, member of ILGA-Europe.




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  • Mozaīka received funding from EEA Grants: "The aim of the project is to make MOZAIKA one of the leading human rights organisations in Latvia by improving its efficiency and sustainability, as well as to increase the number of people participating in voluntary service. The project is aimed at LGBT persons' issues for creating more informed and supportive society, ensuring sustainability of Mozaika, adopting important amendments to laws, organizing events of international level, like EuroPride [...]"



  • Baltic Pride is an annual LGBT pride parade rotating in turn between the capitals of the Baltic states; Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. It is held in support of raising issues of tolerance and the rights of LGBT community and is supported by ILGA-Europe. Since 2009 the main organisers have been Mozaīka, the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL Lithuanian Gay League, and the Estonian LGBT Association.



Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Business)

Kristine Garina (Politics)

U.S. Embassy in Riga Latvia (Business)

EEA and Norway Grants (Business)

Baiba Rubesa (Business)

Didzis Melbiksis (Business)

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