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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a British public service broadcaster. It is headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, and is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees, with over 20,950 staff in total, of whom 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting; including part-time, flexible as well as fixed contract staff, the total number is 35,402.

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  • BBC turned down trainees because they were white. The corporation said the move was to address an 'under-representation of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in script editing roles'. But one unsuccessful applicant accused them of flouting their own anti-discrimination rules by not granting him an interview based on his white ethnicity.



  • THE BBC has been blasted for spending millions of pounds on a bizarre "digital arts" project – featuring a puppet series on the Syrian uprising. [...] It is thought to be the brainchild of Alan Yentob, the BBC's creative director, who reportedly earns up to £330,000 a year. A source told the Sun: "The Space is Alan Yentob's baby. "He persuaded [Director General] Tony Hall to invest the £8million but at a series of meetings he has been unable to explain what The Space is.



  • What Cohen doesn’t seem quite to have twigged is that most of the BBC’s viewers ARE white, middle-class and British and that an awful lot of them are very fond of Jeremy Clarkson. That’s why Top Gear has for years been the BBC’s biggest single money spinner, raking in millions for the corporation (which it is then able to spend on the kind of programmes people like Cohen think we ought to watch, such as the Muslim comedy show Citizen Khan or the adaptation of JK Rowling’s socialist apologia the Casual Vacancy).



  • The BBC has come in for a slew of criticism for broadcasting a program aimed at children as young as six, which tells the story of a school boy as he prepares to transition to a girl. The program, broadcast on CBBC, follows a boy as he attempts to access drugs to delay the onset of puberty, as part of the process for having an eventual sex change [...] But the BBC has defended the show, insisting that it was merely trying to “reflect true life”. It said there was enough context for children to understand the theme.



  • BBC Ideas channel produced a short film about 'queer identity'. The video was posted on their Twitter with the title 'Quantum physics really helped me understand my queer identity.'



  • In 2011, the BBC created a television series called "Mixed Britannia" to normalize and analyze miscegenation in the United Kingdom.




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