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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (born 21 October 1949) is the current Prime Minister of Israel. Netanyahu also currently serves as a member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Likud party. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to secular Jewish parents.

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  • Quote form the article: "In November 2013, the State of Israel was indicted on 'crimes of genocide' (Judgement of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, November 25, 2013). “The Prosecution provided evidence of facts which, examined as a whole, show that the perpetrators had committed acts against the Palestinians, with intent to kill, cause serious bodily or mental harms and deliberately inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of the Palestinians [...]"



  • Netanyahu is currently a criminal suspect in “Case 2000,” investigating an alleged quid pro quo deal with Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes in which the two seemed to discuss an illicit agreement that would have seen the prime minister hobble Israel Hayom, in return for more favorable coverage from Yedioth.



  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked President Donald Trump to allow Jonathan Pollard to immigrate to Israel, Israel’s Channel 2 news reported Tuesday. After serving 30 years in a US prison for charges of spying for Israel, Pollard was finally released in November 2015 and lives in New York under several court-ordered constraints. [...] According to the report, Netanyahu told the Trump administration that Pollard would continue to be subject to the same restrictions if he was allowed to immigrate to Israel.



  • Western nations will host thousands of asylum seekers currently residing in Israel under a new deal that has just been reached with the UN Refugee Agency. Around half of the 39,000 migrants will remain in Israel. Speaking about the deal on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Canada, Italy and Germany would host at least 16,250 migrants. The agreement nullifies Israel's original plan to forcibly deport the migrants to Africa, which was set to come into effect on Sunday.




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