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Bini Guttmann

Benjamin (Bini) Guttmann is the elected Co-President of the Austrian Union of Jewish Students (JöH), an Organization representing young Jews between 18-35 in Austria. He studies Law and Political Science at the University of Vienna. (haaretz.com)

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  • Wrote an article in which he calls European right-wing parties such as Austria's FPÖ and Germany's AFD the successors of the "Nazis". Quote: "These parties abuse the idea of commemoration. They mask their antisemitic ideology with hatred of Muslims. They fail to purge their racism by misappropriating the memory of the Shoah and warning of Muslim antisemitism – which is undoubtedly a huge problem in Europe, which governments need to address urgently – while maintaining their antisemitic ways in back rooms and basements. Not with us!"



  • Wrote an article for Haaretz titled "We Austrian Jews Must Not Legitimize the Nazis in Our Government". Quote: "As Austrian Jews, we state clearly: The Freedom Party, which remains anti-Semitic and racist to its core, is not, and never will be, a viable moral option as a partner in government."



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