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Boris Spiegel

Boris Spiegel (born 18 February 1953 in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) is a Russian politician and businessman. Haaretz describes him as an oligarch who is "closely tied to the Kremlin." Spiegel is of Jewish descent.

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  • [...] Boris Spiegel, President of the "World Without Nazism" international rights organization, offered a harsh rebuke to Ukrainian neo-fascists and neo-Nazi battalions fighting in eastern Ukraine, warning them that they would share the fate of Axis armies at Stalingrad. [...] He notes that these groups have committed war crimes against those "who honor the memory [of Soviet soldiers] over the Nazi machine of death."



  • On Spiegel's initiative, monuments of Soviet Red Army soldiers have been erected in the Israeli city of Netanya.


  • He also criticizes the "Western European democracies" for their alleged role in starting World War II. He proposes a common history textbook for all of Europe based on "serious scientific study, as well as the decisions of international judicial and political authorities on which basis the postwar world order had been built."


  • In 2010, he founded World Without Nazism, an organisation with close ties to the Russian government [...] The organization is described in the Annual Review of the Estonian Security Police as a propaganda organization aimed at promoting "a Soviet-era approach to World War II." It cooperates closely with the Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee.


  • [Spiegel] is also chairman of the organization World Congress of Russian Jewry (WCRJ).



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