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Brigitte Espuche

Brigitte Espuche (France) is an NGO officer who has worked for various pro-immigrant groups and is lauded by media as an 'expert' despite having no apparent credentials.



ANAFE Organization: Déléguée Générale : Brigitte Espuche https://archive.fo/8EDH3#sele…

Academia Profile - Co-author of A pro-Immigration Study https://independent.academia.…

Registrar of 'boats4people' Website (On Behalf of "Migreurop" Organization) http://boats4people.org

Participant in Migreurop Meeting for ANAFE - France http://www.migreurop.org/arti…

Espuche Apears to Have Worked For Spanish Group ApDHA http://en.closethecamps.org/c…


  • Espuche's contact details appear under a press release by 'European Association for the Defence of Human Rights', quote: "In fact, instead of opening legal and safe pathways to Europe, the EU facilitates irregular migration which increases death toll amongst migrants and gives a push to trafficking. [...] We will not let policy leaders make us believe in a “migration crisis” which is nothing but a crisis of the reception policies of the EU and its Member States."

    2011.02.07 up until 2016.08.22


  • "The immigrants are increasingly selecting further, dangerous routes -- for example via the Canary Islands," said Brigitte Espuche of the Pro Human Rights group in Cadiz. "To me that's not a policy that saves lives, but rather one that kills," she said.


  • Participated in a seminar organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung entitled "The Wind of Change - For a new European Policy towards North Africa".


  • "These [migrant] smugglers exist because there are lucrative markets maintained by migration legislation being far too restrictive," insists, from Paris, Brigitte Espuche, from the NGO Migreurope.



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