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Candace Thompson

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White female responsible for the website allwhitemen.com. The page is a "satirical art piece", inspired by Donald Trump's proposed muslim registry.



Twitter Profile http://twitter.com/kandeetee

Her Facebook Post about the Project http://archive.is/T6hUo

Website allwhitemen.com http://allwhitemen.com/


  • Quote from allwhitemen.com: "Until January 20th all white men may voluntarily register themselves. Special consideration may or may not be granted to those who register before this date. After January 20th, however, I will be encouraging anyone and everyone to add to the list any non-registered white male they may personally perceive as a threat to their safety."


  • "Statistically speaking, white men pose the greatest threat to domestic security for all American citizens," the registry proclaims. "Do your civic duty and register. Let's work together to help keep America safe."




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