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Charles Parmele

Charles Parmele is a US Navy veteran based in Bremerton, Washington. His Twitter profile reads: "I love all the people. 11 year USN submarine veteran. Passionate about God and Country. Democrat. Use Voice not violence. protest to educate not separate."




  • ChuckE2009 is the name of a popular youtuber with more than 500k subscribers. On June 11, 2019 he posted a video of himself reading New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant's manifesto titled The Great Replacement. In response to the video, Charles Parmele posted on Twitter, alerting the SPLC: "@splcenter I want to bring to your attention a YouTube personality who thinks it is his duty to spread #ChristChurch shooter #BrentonTarrant #TheGreatReplacement manifesto to recruit more #WhiteSupremacists his YouTube is #ChuckE2009 #Racism"




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