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Christian Broda

Christian Broda (born 12 March 1916 in Vienna, died 1 February 1987 in Vienna) was an Austrian lawyer and politician of the Social Democratic Party of Austria. He served as Minister of Justice of Austria from 1960 to 1966 in the third cabinet of Julius Raab, and again as Minister of Justice in the cabinet of Bruno Kreisky from 1970 to 1983.



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  • He was awarded the European Human Rights Prize of the Council of Europe in 1986.



  • [Gabriel Lansky] can still remember the 1980s, when the asylum policy in Austria was quite different from today. "An asylum seeker arrived at the airport in Vienna, and I called the Justice Minister at the time [Christian] Broda at two o'clock in the night and said he was threatened to be deported. Then he said out of sleep, 'Call Erwin.' That was the Interior Minister at the time. I told him that, and he said on the phone, 'tell them to let him in - give my best regards.'"


  • The 1970s were favorable to his reform projects, as the old patterns of restoration and conservatism broke down also in Austria - reforms were "in". Sociopolitically epochal [achievements of his] were the equalization of women in family law, [...] the impunity for homosexuality and the improvement of the protection of children and young people.


  • In office, Kreisky and his close ally, Justice Minister Christian Broda, pursued a policy of liberal reform, in a country which had a tradition of conservative Roman Catholicism. He reformed Austria's family law and its prisons, and he decriminalised abortion and homosexuality. Nevertheless, he sought to bridge the gap between the Catholic Church and the Austrian Socialist movement and found a willing collaborator in the then Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Franz König.



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