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Christian Lindner

Christian Wolfgang Lindner (born 7 January 1979) is a German politician, member of the Bundestag and leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP). Christian Lindner was born in Wuppertal, Germany. His father Wolfgang Lindner is a teacher of mathematics and computer science at the Städtisches Gymnasium in Wermelskirchen.

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  • In a spontaneous street interview with German Youtuber Der Volkslehrer, Lindner stated that he does not support repatriation of all "refugees" and asylum seekers, but rather selective reparation. He further stated that he does not consider German an ethnicity and that everyone can become German. The original video has since been removed.



  • Lindner was a FDP delegate to the Federal Convention for the purpose of electing the President of Germany in 2017, where he endorsed the government's candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


  • Lindner is a member of Rotary International.


  • Lindner is member of the Board of Trustees of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation: "The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (German: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit) (FNF), is a German foundation for liberal politics, related to the Free Democratic Party. Established in 1958 by Theodor Heuss, the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany, it promotes individual freedom and liberalism."


  • In 2011, Lindner married journalist Dagmar Rosenfeld; they had started dating in 2009. On 19 April, 2018 they announced their seperation.



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