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Claire Fox

Claire Regina Fox (born 5 June 1960) is a British libertarian writer. She is the director and founder of the think tank the Institute of Ideas. The Institute of Ideas is a trading name of the Academy of Ideas. She is a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

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  • Fox joined the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) as a student at the University of Warwick. For the next twenty years, she was one of the RCP's core activists and organisers, becoming co-publisher of its magazine Living Marxism.


  • Fox stayed with her ex-RCP members when the group transformed itself in the early 2000s into a network around the web magazine Spiked Online and the Institute of Ideas, both based in the former RCP offices. The group now takes the position that the terms 'left-' and 'right-wing' no longer carry any meaning. Author and environmental activist George Monbiot has argued these groups are part of the "pro-corporate libertarian right".


  • Fox is regularly invited to contribute to BBC Radio 4's programme The Moral Maze, and has also appeared as a panellist on BBC One's political television show Question Time.


  • Fox has been widely criticised and praised for her libertarian belief in the desirability of minimal governmental control and support of free speech in all contexts. In particular, she has been accused of "supporting Gary Glitter’s right to download child porn", a claim she denies.


  • She has also been criticised for rejecting multiculturalism as divisive, questioning the negative publicity surrounding genetically modified crops and denying that there are any natural limits to human activity on the planet with her suggestion that everyone could be as rich as a multi-millionaire.



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