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Clive Gabay

In his own words: "I graduated in Politics from the University of Leicester and then went on to study for a Masters degree in Imperialism and Post-Colonial Societies at Birkbeck College, UoL, simultaneously working as a researcher for the UK Department for International Development." (qmul.ac.uk)

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Twitter Profile https://twitter.com/clivesg

Email Address [email protected]

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  • Gabay about his research interests: "I have published several articles and two books on civil society globally and in Africa, as well as a number of articles on International Development Policy from a Foucauldian and post-structuralist perspective. More recently however my research agenda has evolved into two areas: Whiteness, racial anxiety and shifts in perceptions of international order; Theorising core categories in Politics and International Relations within an Anarchist intellectual tradition, including citizenship, subjectivity and revolution."


  • Tweet: "'unsafe' reduces Jewish diasporic experience to Europe, and the Shoah. Worst of all, it reinforces antisemitic tropes about the uniformity of Jewish life, history and politics."


  • Tweet: "Going home after an [...] night talking white supremacy and brexit with amazing people @MayaGoodfellow @omaromalleykhan @o_rutazibwa @EmilyGorcenski. [...] @MileEndInst @QMPoliticsIR for putting it on! To tackle white supremacists we need to talk a lot more about white supremacy!!"




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