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Courtney Robinson

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Courtney Robinson is an 18 year-old call centre worker, born and bred in the East and has been a socialist activist since she was 14. She is a member of Socialist Youth, Northern Ireland and president of Belfast Met Student's Union. (labouralternative.org)

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  • In 2014, Courtney took part in the Abortion Pill Train, which saw the medicines openly transported from Belfast to Dublin and taken publicly in defiance of the law. Led the protest outside the last DUP conference, calling on them to stop blocking same-sex marriage. In the wake of a racist arson attack on a business in East Belfast in April last year, Courtney was central to a community protest which mobilised hundreds onto the streets. A call centre worker and trade unionist, she helped organise the 2012 March for a Future which crossed the Shankill-Falls peaceline in opposition to education cuts and youth unemployment. Courtney has previously served as Students’ Union President at Belfast Met, the largest further education college in Northern Ireland.

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  • About 300 protesters have attended a demonstration outside the European Commission office in Belfast, demanding more help for refugees. The speakers included trade unionists who called for immediate action to help refugees fleeing conflict. There were calls for an end to barriers preventing refugees entering the European Union. Organiser Courtney Robinson said people in Northern Ireland were demanding action to help those affected. "I think that once people have actually seen the horrific pictures that have come out of the refugees in complete desperation, you're completely deluded if you're going to say that person is here for your jobs and benefits," she said.



  • Quote: "It seems all the politicians can agree upon is that jobs and education must be cut to the bone and that women must be denied the right to control our own bodies. It’s time for a new kind of politics. I’m standing to provide a radical voice for young people, women, LGBT rights and the working class."


  • Pro-choice activists have delivered abortion pills to women in Northern Ireland using a drone. [...] Courtney Robinson, 18, from Belfast, who took the tablets, said: "We are here to say we are going to defy the law in helping women obtain these pills and we are going to work to make the law unworkable and stand in solidarity with all women who want to have an abortion and have the right to do so in Northern Ireland."




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