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Dan Glass

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Daniel Glass is a British Jewish "award winning" activist and agitator for left wing causes, running the gamut of issues from environmentalism, LGBT, "anti-racism", Holocaust remembrance, and general "anti-fascism". Glass was raised in a "Zionist Jewish" household before he embarked on a bohemian radical gay lifestyle from age 19. He was diagnosed with HIV at age 22. He has written for The Guardian and The Huffington Post. His website is http://www.theglassishalffull.co.uk/



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  • Glass has agitated against "airport expansion" based on the idea of anthropocentric climate change. He was convicted of breach of the peace after breaking into Aberdeen Airport with other activists, but the 9 convicted activists were given, in Glass' own words, 'very modest fines' by a judge and court sympathetic to their reason for breaking the law.



  • Glass attempted to disrupt and humiliate Prime Minister Gordon Brown during a speech, attempting to superglue his hand to Brown's and hijack Brown's platform to give an anti-airport environmentalist speech. He failed, but was given a platform to propagate his speech in The Guardian regardless.



  • Glass has formed a group nam "Never Again Ever!" on the basis of a theory that "third generation Holocaust survivors (their grandchildren)" develop mental illnesses from exposure to stories of their ancestors' recollections. If this thesis is correct, then what Glass is doing, in line with standard "Holocaust education" in Europe, is exposing gentiles and gentile children to these traumatising stories, with the additional harmful implication of the "inherited guilt" of gentile European children.



  • Glass and other "AIDS activists" from the organisation ACTUP, "dumped half a tonne of steaming cow dung on the doorstep of UKIP's South London office", due to Nigel Farage's proposal to ban HIV-positive migrants from entering the UK.



  • Glass and a variety of obscenely dressed and ill-behaved activists stormed a pub in which UKIP leader Nigel Farage was having a meal with his family and separated Farage from his two young daughters. The mob shouted anti-Farage slogans within the pub and surrounded his car, kicking it and jumping on the bonnet as Farage attempted to leave the vicinity of the hateful mob.



  • Produced an obscene theatre that celebrates being HIV positive. The show featured a fake penis several feet taller than the average person. He also demanded more government subsidies to battle HIV/AIDS and stated "Of course it’s a racial issue, it’s a homophobic issue. If it was mainly targeting white, rich straight people they’d obviously put the money into it."




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