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Daniel Och

Daniel Och (born 1961) is an American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman and former CEO of Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, a global hedge fund and alternative asset management firm.


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  • Och is the son of Golda and Dr. Michael Och. Och grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey and attended the Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union (since renamed Golda Och Academy, in honor of his mother) in West Orange, New Jersey, a Jewish day school founded by his parents. In December 2010, Och donated $15 million to the school, effectively doubling its endowment.


  • In 1982, Och began his career at Goldman Sachs in the Risk Arbitrage Department. He was later the Head of Proprietary Trading in the Equities Division and Co-Head of U.S. Equities Trading. He worked at Goldman Sachs for 11 years.


  • In 1994, Och founded Och-Ziff Capital Management Group with $100 million initial investment from the Ziff brothers (see Dirk Edward Ziff, Daniel M. Ziff, Robert D. Ziff), heirs to publishing magnate William Bernard Ziff, Jr.


  • In February 2014 Forbes listed Daniel Och as one of the 25 Highest-Earning hedge fund managers in 2013. His 2013 total earnings of $400 million ranks him the 17th among the 25 top earning hedge fund managers.


  • On May 8, 2015, Och was targeted by the "Hedge Clippers" activist group, who protested outside of his residence at 15 Central Park West, New York City.


  • In September 2016, the U.S. government fined Och $2.2 million and the Och-Ziff fund $413 million for paying over $100 million in bribes to various African government officials.


  • Daniel S. Och became a board member of Endeavor. Endeavor is the leading global non-profit transforming emerging market economies by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs. Mr. Och joins former World Bank President James Wolfensohn and Warner Music Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. on Endeavor’s Global Board.


  • Och is the vice chair of Robin Hood Foundation, a charitable organization fighting poverty in New York City.


  • In 2008, Och donated $28,500 to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.


  • In 2009, Och ranked at #113 out of the Forbes 400, out of which 139 of, Och included, were Jewish.



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