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Daniel S. Loeb

Daniel Seth Loeb (born December 18, 1961), known as Dan Loeb, is a Jewish American hedge fund manager. He is the founder and chief executive of Third Point LLC, a New York-based hedge fund focused on event-driven, value-oriented investing with a portfolio worth $10.8 billion, as of March 2016.




  • Loeb is a Yahoo! investor who now runs Third Point LLC, a New York-based hedge fund with $11.6 billion in assets. Loeb joined Asness, Cohen and two other billionaire Republicans with liberal social views, posting a $1.5 million donation that helped fuel New York's same-sex marriage victory in 2012.



  • Third Point LLC supports various philanthropic causes, for example: "Expanding freedom to ensure LGBT individuals and couples can live free from discrimination and enjoy their inherent basic human rights across the globe. Daniel Loeb backed the effort to secure the freedom to marry for all New Yorkers in 2011 and supports Freedom for All Americans, American Unity Fund and the Human Rights Campaign’s Global Initiative."



  • Loeb has donated to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Friends for Harry Reid, Obama for America, Forward Together PAC, Prosperity PAC, Straight Talk America, and the Volunteer PAC. In 2013, Loeb was a signatory to an amicus curiae brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in Hollingsworth v. Perry, in support of same-sex marriage.



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