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David Blankenhorn

David Blankenhorn (born 1955) is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values, co-director of The Marriage Opportunity Council, and the author of Fatherless America and The Future of Marriage.



Curriculum Vitae http://www.americanvalues.org…

Institute for American Values Website http://www.americanvalues.org/

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Better Angels Website https://www.better-angels.org/


  • David Blankenhorn, a national figure in the movement against same-sex marriage, has recanted his opposition, saying “the time has come for me to accept gay marriage and emphasize the good that it can do.” Mr. Blankenhorn, the founder and president of the Institute for American Values, wrote an influential book that argued against same-sex marriage in 2007, called “The Future of Marriage,” and served as an expert witness against the constitutional challenge to California’s Proposition 8, which limited marriage to heterosexuals. On Friday, he said in an opinion article for The New York Times, published online, and in an hour-long documentary on NPR that his concerns about same-sex marriage remained, but that “the time for denigrating or stigmatizing same-sex relationships is over.”



  • Blankenhorn is the founder and president of the Institute for American Values. The institute has been supported by Philip Anschutz. Its flagship effort today is Better Angels, an initiative to depolarize America.


  • Blankenhorn is a self-described liberal Democrat.



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