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David Marmorstein Tassillo

David Marmorstein Tassillo is a co-owner of Mindgeek (With Feras Antoon), A global IT company active in content delivery, streaming media and online advertising, the company is a privately held conglomerate which is headquartered in Luxembourg City with offices in Dublin, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, and Nicosia. (speedydeletion.wikia.com)




  • Twistys.com, along with a large number of other well-known pornographic websites, is maintained and managed by MindGeek. The website ranks as the fourth most popular of MindGeek's network of porn sites. When Twistys was originally acquired, Mindgeek was then-known as Manwin. The name change came shortly after managing partner, Fabian Thylman [sic], stepped down. [...] In 2013, [Thylmann] sold his stakes to Feras Antoon and David Tassillo, the senior management of the company.




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