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Deidre Berger

American Jewish Committee: "Deidre Berger has served as Director of the AJC Berlin Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations since 2000. In that capacity, she advocates for a strong transatlantic partnership, a deepened understanding of Israel and Mideast affairs, action against anti-Semitism and extremism, and dialogue among ethnic and religious groups." (ajc.org)



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  • Wrote an article, quote: "Nevertheless, this is no reason for Jews in Germany to feel complacent. Mr. Schuster rightly called for a review of current security measures, as the spreading Islamic terrorism in Europe targets Jews and Jewish life as high priority goals. However, the safety of Germany’s Jewish community cannot rest on law enforcement measures alone. In democratic Germany, Jews are only secure when the broader society sees anti-Semitism as an attack on democracy. Make no mistake about it:perpetrators of anti-Semitic attacks view Jews as the embodiment of the liberal, democratic values they are trying to destroy. There must be a broad consensus that Jewish security is a challenge for the entire society."



  • The Jewish organization American Jewish Committee (AJC) has outed 257 German companies. They are said to have employed forced laborers during the Nazi period. [...] The list was intended to urge more companies participate in the fund and to reach an agreement on compensation as soon as possible, said the outgoing head of the Berlin AJC office, Eugene DuBow, and his designated successor, Deidre Berger. So far, only twelve other German companies have joined the twelve founding members of the Compensation Fund.



  • "After the terrorist attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the question of the security of Jewish life in Europe is currently one of the most urgent political challenges. We therefore need a broader social debate on political action against anti-Semitism and want to do this with the Network for Researching and Combating Anti-Semitism (NEBA) make a substantial contribution, "said Deidre Berger, director of the AJC Berlin Ramer Institute.


  • Berger also announced that AJC, together with two German partners—the Moses Mendelsohn Center of the University of Potsdam and the Berlin-based Amadeu Antonio Foundation—will hold a conference in Berlin on July 2 on the challenges of addressing anti-Semitism. The three organizations have formed NEBA (Network for Researching and Combating Anti-Semitism) to raise awareness about the dangers of anti-Semitism and promote more extensive monitoring, research, and education. NEBA was formed in direct response to the controversy about the government commission.



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