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Der Spiegel

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Der Spiegel (lit. "The Mirror") is a German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg. It is one of Europe's largest publications of its kind, with a weekly circulation of 840,000. It was founded in 1947 by John Seymour Chaloner, a British army officer, and Rudolf Augstein, a former Wehrmacht radio operator. Der Spiegel is known in German-speaking countries mostly for its investigative journalism.




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  • Der Spiegel has been accused of warmongering against Putin and Russia. The 27 July 2014 issue was titled "Stoppt Putin Jetzt!" ("Stop Putin Now!"), and included pictures of victims of Flight MH17 on the cover. When accused of warmongering, Der Spiegel, in a statement on 29 July, 2014, doubled down and accused its detractors of being pro-Putin trolls. It also stated that it had only called for economic sanctions against Russia, not war.



  • Der Spiegel has ben accused by the Junge Freiheit, a conservative German weekly newspaper, of manipulating pictures from WW2 to shape public opinion. This particular case shows a member of the Wehrmacht reacting to hostile fire from an unseen source while a women with child and others are seeking cover. Junge Freiheit states that Der Spiegel manipulated the picture to just show the soldier and the cowering woman, creating the impression that the soldier is about to execute the woman.




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