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Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB)

The German Football Association (German: Deutscher Fußball-Bund) is the governing body of football in Germany. A founding member of both FIFA and UEFA, the DFB has jurisdiction for the German football league system and is in charge of the men's and women's national teams. The 21 state associations of the DFB have a combined number of more than 25,000 clubs with more than 6.8 million members, making the DFB the single largest sports federation in the world.




  • In reaction to the AfD politician Alexander Gauland's comments about Germans 'not wanting to have Jérôme Boateng [a half-German, half-Ghanaian football player] as a neighbour', the DFB published a video in support of diversity. The video, titled 'We are diversity', shows the multi-ethnic faces of the German national football team.



  • The DFB became the thousandth signatory of the Charta of Diversity [German: Charta der Vielfalt]. The signatories of the Charta commit themselves to increasing diversity in their company or organisation. Theo Zwanziger, the then president of the DFB, had this to say about the signing: 'In the German representative teams of the DFB diversity has been lived for a while and is a true factor for success. Especially with the men. At the world championship 2010 in South Africa half of the team had a migrant background, with the U17 [...], the percentage was even higher. We are proud of this and want to go further on this path.'




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