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Die Linke

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The Left (German: Die Linke), also commonly referred to as the Left Party (German: Linkspartei), is a democratic socialist political party in Germany. The party was founded in 2007 as the merger of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) and the Electoral Alternative for Labour and Social Justice (WASG).




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  • The Left support limitless numbers of refugees coming into Germany, saying that "the right to asylum is a basic right."


  • The Left is a member of the alliance "Aufstehen gegen Rassismus!" (Stand up against Racism), which condems "the racist rabble-rousing" of the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party. "We are taking to the streets for a colourful and solidary society, and we want to make the majority visible again, those who are against racism and facism and who say: Never again!"


  • The Left is a supporter of feminism. They fight for the equal treatment and rights of women, and that women are given equal pay to men.


  • The Left see themselves as the legitimate successor party of the SED, the ruling party of the GDR.



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Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (Politics)

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Christin Löchner (Politics)

Thomas Nord (Politics)

Gökay Akbulut (Politics)

Doris Achelwilm (Politics)

Simone Barrientos (Politics)

Lorenz Gösta Beutin (Politics)

Nicole Gohlke (Politics)

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