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Die Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft - Ver.di

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Ver.di is a large German trade union with 2.2 million members. "ver.di" is an abbreviation for Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft, which means "United Services Union." The headquarters of the trade union are in Berlin. Ver.di is a member of the Confederation of German Trade Unions (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund).

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  • Ver.di called upon its members to block the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party from winning seats in the Baden-Württemberg elections by voting against them. "These positions [of the AfD] have no place in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg." said Leni Breymaier, ver.di boss in Baden-Württemberg.



  • Ver.di is a strong supporter of feminism. Quote from their "feminism today" page: "Formal rights are not enough! Even though we have achieved much in the last 100 years when it comes to equality and the rights of women, women are still disadvantaged in comparison to men and are exposed to daily discrimination and sexism."



Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) (Business)

Bernd Riexinger (Business)

Sylvia Bretschneider (Business)

Ralf Jäger (Business)

Doris Achelwilm (Politics)

Simone Barrientos (Politics)

Nicole Gohlke (Business)

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