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Dudley Aman

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Dudley Leigh Aman, 1st Baron Marley, DSC (16 May 1884 – 29 February 1952), was a British soldier and Labour politician. Marley was the son of Edward Godfrey Aman, of Farnham, and was educated at Marlborough and the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. He joined the Royal Marine Artillery as a Second lieutenant 1 January 1902. During the First World War he served in France and Belgium as a Major in the Royal Marine Artillery. He was mentioned in despatches.

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  • Promoted lies about "atrocities" of Nazism to raise money for Jewish communism. "until it was discredited in the 1960s, the Brown Book was considered a seminal document by historians."


  • Quote from the article: "one of the most important advocates for Stalin’s Soviet Zion"


  • Quote from the article: "Lord Marley undertook a three-week tour of 12 cities in the United States in January 1933, the first of many lecture tours and fundraising trips he would make in the States throughout the decade representing Jewish causes. During that ORT-sponsored tour of early 1933 he was greeted rapturously by the American Jewish communities who hosted him."



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