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Ekvilib Institute

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In the scope of our activities we encourage and support policies and practices which contribute to social responsibility of all actors in the global development and to a higher encouragement of human rights for all people. At our work we use an interdisciplinary and professional approach and strive for continuous training and education of ourselves as well as of the general public. (ekvilib.org)




  • Ekvilib Institute is one of the founders of SLOGA – Platform for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. Within the framework of Sloga we coordinate the Working group for monitoring Slovenian official development assistance and Working group for human rights in development cooperation. Coordinators of both working groups, Aleš Kranjc Kušlan and Anita Ramšak, are also members of Sloga's Expert Board. Aleš Kranjc Kušlan is also Sloga's representative in the Expert Board for development asssistance at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are also active members of Sloga's Working group for global education and Working group for Africa.



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