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Éric Fassin

Éric Fassin (French: [fasɛ̃]; born 1959) is a French sociologist. Fassin taught in the United States from 1989 to 1994, at Brandeis University and NYU. Fassin currently serves as a professor of sociology at the University of Paris 8 St-Denis.



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  • Fassin is in favor of places of "non-mixité" which are areas within white countries where white people should not be allowed to go by law. The petition reads: "We know that it is essential that people who suffer from oppression be able to meet, organize as they wish, and debate their demands and strategies as they see fit. We know that autonomy is a decisive prerequisite for constructing responses to oppression and discrimination to build alliances with those who do not suffer from these specific forms of oppression but are determined to transform them."


  • Fassin defends the concept of intersectionality, in other words, the alliance of all "oppressed" people against the white "oppressor". In an article supporting a conference on intersectionality, he wrote: "I am pleased to have the opportunity to publicly express my support for the organizers of this conference [...] It is a major issue for the National Education and for our society as a whole."


  • Fassin signed a petition aimed to silence two conservatives Florian Philippot and Alain de Benoist, by preventing them to take part in a debate.


  • A group of people led by Eric Fassin have joined forces to denounce the criminalization of street harassment announced by Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of State for Equality between Men and Women. According to the group, the law is targeting non-whites. The petition reads: 'by inserting the category "street harassment" in the criminal field, the street becomes precisely the renewed target of public policies. At the same time, it targets the populations that occupy it, which often belong to impoverished and racialized fractions' [Auto translated].


  • Fassin thinks that anti-white racism is not to be compared with other forms of racism. Quote: 'Anti-white racism does not exist in the social sciences, it does not make sense, but it's very present in the public discourse, we talk a lot about it: there is a gap between the scientific disciplines and what we are talking about in the public debate ... Of course, there may be insults, aggression, but do we need to call it racism even if we would say "dirty white"? The social sciences from this point of view are very attentive to say: if we start to take over the speech of the extreme right that tells us that basically all racisms are equal, we are denying the reality of the experience of a large part of our fellow citizens [...]'



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