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Eric Frey

Eric Frey (born 1963, in Vienna) is an Austrian publicist and political scientist. He works as an editor for the Austrian newspaper Der Standard and is correspondent for the London business paper Financial Times. Eric Frey was born in 1963 in Vienna as the son of Jewish parents who escaped Nazism. In 1981, he moved to the United States of America and attended Princeton University where he studied Political Affairs.

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  • In an op-ed in the newspaper Der Standard of August 2014, he wrote on the Ukrainian crisis that negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin would be useless, because he would lie to any discussion partner. Instead somehow it would have to be made clear that Putin miscalculated. That would only be possible with further sanctions and if necessary, the discontinuation of all business relations with Moscow, as well as with direct military help for Kiev in form of weapons deliveries to Ukraine, stationing of NATO troops in the Ukraine and US lead air raids against separatists and Russian lines of communication.


  • On 24 November 2014, Frey was part of a televised discussion at the Austrian political talk show Pulse 4 News "Pro and Contra" on the Ukrainian crisis. Frey called another guest, German stock trader Dirk Müller, a Russian propagandist based on his description of American interests in the Ukraine. He also described Johannes Voggenhuber of the Austrian Green party as inhumane towards the Ukrainian people.


  • Frey called for banning Bitcoins, quote: "The right time for a ban is now before this fashion continues to spread - and the potential damage grows."


  • Frey is an ardent opponent of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ).



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