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Erin Schrode

In her own words: "Erin Schrode is a citizen activist, community organizer, and vocal advocate for environmental action, social justice, public health, and responsible consumption. Since co-founding Turning Green in 2005, she has developed education and social action platforms to inspire, educate, and mobilize millions of students and the global public with this non-profit and beyond. "




  • Her policy stances are: pro-choice regarding abortion, against mandatory minimal sentences for non-violent drug offenders, in favor of gun-control legislation, against repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), against requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship, pro same-sex marriage, ...


  • In her own words: "Our world is dealing with a humanitarian crisis of unfathomable scale and experiencing the greatest migration in human history. If there is one thing that I have learned from working on the ground with refugees in Lesvos, mainland Greece, and Macedonia, it is that there is something that each and every one of us can do to help fellow humankind in a time of need."



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