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European Democracy Lab

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The European Democracy Lab (EDL) at the European School of Governance is a dynamic Berlin based think-tank working towards a more social, politically equal, and democratic European future. The EDL provides a platform for thinkers, activist, researchers, artists, and policymakers to exchange ideas on European future and democracy. The EDL is part of the European School of Governance (europeanrepublicblog.wordpress.com)




  • The European Democracy Lap is an advocate of a unified European democratic state. In their own words: "The core issue of the EDL is the promotion of a res publica europaea, emphasising the European common good, and the transnationalism of all European policy, beyond the nation state. Developing a transnational paradigm seems essential to overcome nation-bound thinking and to change especially path-dependently ill-designed economic policies, by which the national economies are still perceived in competition to one another."



George Soros (Business)

Open Society Foundations (Business)

Ulrike Guérot (Business)

Victoria Kupsch (Business)

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