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European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM)

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In their own words: "The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement EGAM was founded in November 2010 in Paris following racist attacks that took place in Rosarno, Southern Italy. These events faced no reaction but silence by European political leaders and civil society. Its main objective is to answer the rise in racism, antisemitism and populism in Europe and to structure civil society’s commitment to equality and justice." (egam.eu)

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  • EGAM gathers the most important antiracist organizations from more than 30 countries all over Europe, inside and outside the European Union. Dozens of organizations have joined and keep sustaining EGAM in its fights. These associations represent 1.000 executives and thousands of activists. EGAM’s strategy is focused on three main types of activities: European-wide grassroots actions, lobbying activities targeting the European Institutions and support to the leaders of the antiracist civil societ



Open Society Foundations (Business)

Mjaft! (Business)

Moldovan Institute for Human Rights (Business)

Romani CRISS (Business)

Nederland Bekent Kleur (Business)

Centrum Mot Rasism (Business)

Memorial (Business)

Open Republic (Business)

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (Business)

Greek Forum for Migrants (Business)

Turkish Union in Berlin Brandenburg (Business)

Regional Centre for Minorities (Business)

Latvian Centre for Human Rights (Business)

Neki Foundation (Business)

Amalipe Center (Business)

Foundation for Social Diversity (Business)

SOS Racisme (Business)

SOS Mitmensch (Business)

SOS Razzismo (Business)

Ekvilib Institute (Business)

Antirasistisk Senter (Business)

Sveriges Antidiskrimineringsbyråer (Business)

Estonian Institute for Human Rights (Business)

Civic Alliance (Business)

Ľudia Proti Rasizmu (Business)

SOS Mod Racisme (Business)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (Business)

Konexe (Business)

Czech Helsinki Committee (Business)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia (Business)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Bosnia & Herzeg. (Business)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia (Business)

Rasmus Network (Business)

ZARA - Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit (Business)

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