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European Jewish Congress

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The European Jewish Congress, (EJC), was founded in 1986. It is based in Paris, with offices in Brussels, Strasbourg, Berlin and Budapest. It is a representative body of democratically elected European Jewish communities throughout Europe.

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  • The EJC lists as its primary objectives on its website the following: To combat the resurgence of anti-Semitism through education, justice and security, in co-operation with governments and European institutions. To promote a balanced European policy towards Israel and the Middle East, and to assist in the construction of a healthy dialogue between Europeans and Israelis. To foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding. To ensure memory and education of the Holocaust. To contribute to a democratic European society based on peace, understanding and tolerance. To assist in the revitalisation of the once rich Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. To counteract assimilation of the European Jewish population


  • Affiliated to the World Jewish Congress, the EJC works with national governments, European Union institutions and the Council of Europe. The European Jewish Congress is one of the most influential international public associations and a large secular organisation representing more than 2.5 million of Jews in Europe. It is an umbrella organisation for 42 national Jewish communities on this continent.



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