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Felix Klein

Felix Klein (born 1968 in Darmstadt) is a German lawyer specializing in international law, diplomat and anti-Semitism commissioner of the Federal Government.

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  • The AfD has, according to the new anti-Semitism representative of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, contributed to the fact that the anti-Semitism in Germany is again more present. "Anti-Semitism has become more blatant," said Klein of the German Press Agency. This probably has something to do with the fact that the political climate has become rougher overall.



  • The anti-Semitism commissioner of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, wants a nationwide central recording of anti-Semitic incidents. In order to be able to develop concrete measures against the phenomenon [...] With experts of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, he wanted to look at the police crime statistics, "which is known to allocate more than 90 percent of the crimes of right-wing perpetrators". In addition, consideration should be given to how the proposal of the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, could be implemented "to organize a lower-threshold recording of incidents below the criminal liability limit".



  • Klein admits that crime statistics do not reflect perceived reality: "An acute topic will be the crime statistics. According to this 90 percent of anti-Semitic crimes are committed by right-wing radicals. But I hear something different from Jews in Germany."




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